16. September 2021 / 00:00 — 00:00

Muntele Furnica

Research with Atelier Ameisenberg / WerkstatthausAtelier Ameisenberg ↗︎

"ohne Titel/untitled" Foto Oana Paula Vainer

Atelier Ameisenberg (Michl Schmidt / Oana Paula Vainer) of the Atelier Ameisenberg develop models that are to a large extent based on speculations. The starting point of their collaborative research is the historical context in the area of Stuttgart Uhlandshöhe, the former Ameisenberg. The aim is to discover and illustrate the supposedly invisible, the unseen or overlooked, the blind spots and to test methods of visualization. The basis of the artistic process is a dialogue between the artists in which themes are negotiated in order to move from one to the other, from the hundredth to the thousandth and possibly back again.
During the festival the Atelier Ameisenberg invites to a parcour with three stations at the Ameisenberg, which will be accompanied by the artists and invited experts.

The parkour starts at the Atelier Ameisenberg and leads from there towards Villa Hauff (Werkstatthaus). The destination is the former wine cellar there. This was presumably the starting point of a bunker excavation under the building, when the house served the Waffen-SS as a so-called supplementary office in the years 1939-1945. Atelier Ameisenberg will set up the spatial installation White Paper Archive/WPA there during the festival.

Parkour de Sirop

Atelier Ameisenberg develops models based primarily on speculation. The starting point of the collaborative investigation are historical circumstances in the area of the Stuttgart Uhlandshöhe, formerly Ameisenberg. A degustation and invitation to taste judgment or comparison of liquids. First parkour of a three-part ritualized sighting.

7 – 10 pm
Meeting point Atelier Ameisenberg

Parkour Sequoiadendron

The second parkour of the research is a continuation in both–narrative and plot. Which witness or message in a bottle of history have been overlooked? With Dr. Lutz Krüger, active member of the association Projekt Mammutbaum e.V. and editor of the publication Die Giganten des Königs, Historische Mammutbäume in Württemberg.

6 – 10 pm
Meeting point Atelier Ameisenberg

Parkour White Paper Archive

In the final parkour of their research, new questions crystallize, which they formulate using the White Paper Archive in the sense of a case study. With the historian Dr. Peter Poguntke, among others author of the publication Braune Feldzeichen, Stuttgarter Straßennamen in der NS-Zeit und der Umgang nach 1945, Stuttgart und Umgebung 1933-1945.

3 – 6 pm
Meeting point: Atelier Ameisenberg

Muntele Furnica is an independent contribution by the Atelier Ameisenberg as part of the cooperation program of CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE.

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