11. September 2021 / 10:00 — 16:00

We build a city – Workshop for Kids

Workshop with Kinderwerkstatt – Künstlerhaus Stuttgart e.V.Kinderwerkstatt im Künstlerhaus Stuttgart ↗︎

Dienstagsgruppe in der Kinderwerkstatt (Bau und Abriss in Stuttgart) – Künstlerhaus Stuttgart © Jochen Detscher

Do you know Stuttgart? Have you seen how many buildings there are here, how many streets, places, people? And so many different vehicles! Lots of construction sites! Many things are in constant movement - the city changes every day! Living in the city–it's an adventure.
Let's spend an exciting workshop day in the Kinderwerkstatt! We will build a city out of styrofoam and cardboard; we will make the houses age in time-lapse and build new ones, we will go for a walk and take pictures, we will visit artists of the festival and maybe even look at the city from above!

Kinderwerkstatt – Künstlerhaus StuttgartWe build a city
Workshop for Kids
11.09.2021 / 10 am – 4 pm

Please register: kinderwerkstatt@kuenstlerhaus.de
Workshop fee: 20 €

Kinderwerkstatt of the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Augustenstraße 67b (Souterrain)
70178 Stuttgart

The workshop is an independent contribution by the Kinderwerkstatt of the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart as part of the cooperation program of CURRENT - ART AND URBAN SPACE.

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