11. September 2021 / 10:00 — 13:00


Research with SuE (Chair of Urban Planning and Design) – University of StuttgartPaulinenstraße Fünfzig ↗︎

Porosität. Studentinnenarbeit from Mathilde Josse and Maria Inês Reis © Lehrstuhl Stadtplanung und Entwerfen

Reflections on the performative city in the context of Stuttgart.

In 1925, Walter Benjamin and Asja Lacis defined the term Porosity in their text ‘Naples’ as follows: ‘Porosity results not only from the indolence of the Southern artisan, but also, above all, from the passion for improvisation, which demands that space and opportunity be at any price preserved. Buildings are used as a popular stage. They are all divided into innumerable, simultaneously animated theatres. Balcony, courtyard, window, gateway, staircase, roof are at the same time stage and boxes.’

Porosity is the main topic of our last semester design studio in which nine international students have been reflecting and envisioning new performative situations in three existing contexts of the center of Stuttgart. Our aim is to visit together with the students one of the spaces they have redesigned so they can share their ideas and open the debate on porosity to all the participants.

A course at the Stadtplanung und Entwerfen (SuE) by Prof. Dr. Martina Baum, Sädtebau Institut, Faculty 1, University of Stuttgart, Alba Balmaseda Domínguez, Lorenz Brugger, Jonas Malzahn, Caterina Boggia, Irene Calero Pagés, Angels Cañellas Genius, Diego de la Guardia Fontes, Mathilde Josse, Ezgi Küçükpehlivan, Maria Ines Pires Reis, Anna Prokhorenko, Miquel Virgil Mártinez

Porosity – Reflections on the performative city in the context of Stuttgart
11.09.2021 / (1 hour, respectively)
10 am
11 am
12 pm


Paulinenstraße 50
70178 Stuttgart


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Porosity – Reflections on the performative city in the context of Stuttgart is an independent contribution by the SuE Chair of Urban Planning and Design as part of the cooperation program of CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE.

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