09. September 2021 / 00:00 — 00:00

OSO-9 - A satellite project at Stuttgart's main station

Installation with abk – Stuttgart / Classes of Koch & MoslerStuttgart Hauptbahnhof ↗︎

OSO–9 © Mariella Mosler

OSO - Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) was the name of a series of eight NASA satellites for the exploration of the sun. Among other things, the OSO satellites discovered the Sun's coronal holes, which are particularly strong sources of solar wind. While over Earth's night side, the satellites were used to observe galaxies and double stars. OSO - 9 is a satellite, starting from Stuttgart's main train station, scans and analyzes the urban space around: What might future possibilities for artistic activity in urban space look like, what forms might these take, who would like to participate?

On the construction site, on the paths to the tracks, in the subways, in the molecules and vibrations of the air - OSO records and broadcasts simultaneously:

Oberer Schloßgarten: Pauline Landos
Subway Opera House-State Gallery: Xingying Li
U-Bahnstation Pragfriedhof: Sofia Mobilia
Kienestraße: Carmen Weber
Constructionsite Stuttgart 21, central station and Klettpassage: Yamo Aydemir, Chris Binder, Dana Kast, Paulina Lange, Michelle Mousavi, Holger Mülleiter, SUPERVIVAZ, Gabriella Bakos, Felix Mohr, Johannes Bienefeld, Marie David, ZAMAL, Leonie Weber, Nina Nielebock, Markus Gehrig, Holger Krekeler, Christopher Lampart

OSO - 9
Prof. Mariella Mosler, Prof. Udo Koch
Sofia Mobilia and Nina Nielebock

Guided tours: Sun, 12.09. + 19.09., 10am + 2 pm. / 5 €
Project Website with detailed program: www.oso-9-kunst.com

OSO-9 is an independent contribution by the Sculpture classes of Professor Mariella Mosler and Professor Udo Koch of the abk – Stuttgart as part of the cooperation program of CURRENT - ART AND URBAN SPACE.

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