14. September 2021 / 15:00 — 20:00

Modellwelten als Weltmodelle

Excursion with Begleitbüro SOUPGalerie Oberwelt ↗︎

Begleitbüro SOUP, BRASILIEN, 2021 © Jens Lyncker

To the Fortress of Solitude – from the outer world to the underworld: the Begleitbüro SOUP offers guided tours to a 450sqm landscape of ruins and models hidden underground. Stuttgart as a city confusingly similar to itself.

200 meters as the crow flies from the Galerie Oberwelt, hidden under the street, lies a 450 square meter landscape of ruins–for almost two decades, this place served as a retreat for a single person. The work created in this enclave was intended to show the city of Stuttgart as a model and transportation marvel and yet remain closed to the public. In order to appreciate the role that the underworld plays in the cultural life of a city, Begleitbüro SOUP offers guided tours into this otherwise inaccessible shadowy world. Numerous artistic works dealing with this secret place can be viewed on site.

Begleitbüro SOUPModellwelten als Weltmodelle
Excursion (1h)
every hour on the hour: 3 pm / 4 pm / 5 pm / 6 pm / 7 pm


The excursion is free of charge. The number of visitors per guided tour is limited to a maximum of 5 people (the current pandemic containment regulation applies). Please register in advance, indicating the hour of your choice: anmeldung@begleitbuero.de

Starting and meeting point:
Galerie Oberwelt Reinsburgstraße 93 (backyard)

The excursions take place in the context of artistic work BRASILIEN.

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