12. September 2021 / 11:00 — 12:00

THEATRE OF THE LONG NOW Das Abo auf der Brache – Wahrnehmungsexperiment

Performance with THEATRE OF THE LONG NOW, HABITAT, BUREAU BAUBOTANIKKunstverein Wagenhalle ↗︎

THEATRE OF THE LONG NOW @ Dominique Brewing

THEATRE OF THE LONG NOW is the promise of a performance lasting at least 100 years on a wasteland in the North of Stuttgart. Part of this performance are growth processes, building processes, social, political and performative processes. 100 years are quite a while. The actors are probably struggling with the lack of water or a summer cloudburst has flooded their wasteland. They are either troubled by extreme cold or long lasting heat. Most of the time, however, it is meanwhile quite unspectacular.

This matinee invites you to witness the processes on the wasteland in a perceptual experiment. With a short dramaturgical introduction by Prof. Florian Feisel and a follow-up discussion after the performance.

THEATRE OF THE LONG NOWDas Abo auf der Brache / Wahrnehmungsexperiment

Meeting Place:
Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V. / Fallow land near the Container City
Innerer Nordbahnhof 1
70191 Stuttgart


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Participation is free of charge.

The Wahrnehmungsexperiment (Perception experiment) is an independent contribution by the THEATRE OF THE LONG NOW as part of the cooperation program of CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE.

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