11. September 2021 / 16:00 — 20:00

Bestiarium14 – Open Basecamp

Gathering with ConstructlabKunstverein Wagenhalle ↗︎

Image: Juliette Mancini, 2020

In the Open Basecamp at the Wagenhallen, the collective prepares for their nomadic research, inviting interested parties to gather. As a contribution to the collective intelligence of an area, the artists seek an alliance between the living species that shape and inhabit urban landscapes. They approach the investigation of spaces through shared movements and moments, experimenting with narrative and drawing formats. Open Basecamp with Apéro!

The Open Basecamp is part of Bestiarium14 – Towards a new mythology of the Bundesstraße

ConstructlabBestiarium14 – Towards a new mythology of the Bundesstraße
Bestiarium14 – Open Basecamp
11.09.2021 / 4 - 8 pm
Kunstverein Wagenhalle

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