09. September 2021 / 00:00 — 00:00


Exhibition with Alona Rodeh, Begleitbüro SOUP, Constructlab, Gwendoline Robin, Haseeb Ahmed, HONF (House of Natural Fiber), Julien Fargetton & Benjamin Frick, Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl, Valentina KargaStuttgart ↗︎

Cities are in motion. They are in constant flux. Streetscapes ever changing their facades, momentarily generating anew while being torn down in the next. The urban – squares, streets and houses are intensively used, revived and negotiated – they are the containers of our everyday lives. The claim for a complete, or finished city, remaining perpetually unfulfilled. Potentials of space, myths and co-existences of living beings, promises of large-scale building projects, assertions of Mock worlds, unforeseen effects of built environment as well as possible new forms of our perception - the invited artistic positions address specific situations in the urban space in a researching, questioning, productive and improvising way, directly and indirectly.

The artists create moments of public encounters to jointly exercise forgotten sensory sensibilities, to dial into ambivalent historical spaces of experience, and to collaboratively lay new foundations for our present and future urban society. A speculative exhibition that follows the insight that living, urban organisms follow their very own logic in shaping their environment.

The exhibition will take place from September 9–19 at selected places in Stuttgart's urban sphere. Detailed information about the artistic works will be announced here in early summer.

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